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Women’s Fashion Trends From The Last 50 Years That Should Never Come Back

Women's Fashion Trends From The Last 50 Years That Should Never Come Back

When it comes to fashion, trends come and go. But one thing that never changes is the need for style-savvy individuals to stay ahead of the curve. Over the past 50 years, women’s fashion has seen many styles come and go, from bell bottoms in the 70s to shoulder pads in the 80s. However, there are some looks from these decades that should probably remain forgotten about forever – according to a recent survey conducted by Glamour Magazine, an astonishing 91% of their readers believe that certain fashion trends should never resurface!

In this article we will be exploring why some of these fashion trends have been deemed as ‘unsavory’ by modern day standards. We will also discuss how they became popular during their heyday, what made them so iconic at the time and why they just don’t work today. From leggings under skirts to velour tracksuits – we’ll look at all of those items which were once considered fashionable but now just make us shudder with embarrassment when we think back on them.

At times funny, sometimes baffling or plain outrageous – let’s take a trip down memory lane together and explore which fashion faux pas must stay buried in our closets; along with any accompanying photos taken whilst wearing them!

Shoulder Pads

Ah, the shoulder pads of yore. For those who lived through the ’80s and beyond, it’s a fashion trend that will never be forgotten. A symbol of power-dressing and an attempt to look bigger than they actually were; these bulging lumps made women appear far more masculine than ever before.

Shoulder pads – whether constructed with fabric or foam padding – saw their heyday in the late 20th century when blazers, dresses, shirts and other garments became equipped with them as part of the design. It was almost like having built-in armor for a fashion makeover! But alas, this style should remain firmly entrenched in history books where it belongs – along with many other questionable trends from yesteryear.

It is true that all things come full circle eventually but there are some styles which we can justly say have no place coming back into fashion once again: shoulder pads being one such example. While not everyone agreed with its purpose at the time, retrospection allows us to appreciate why certain looks worked (and didn’t work) in different eras; providing valuable insight on what makes sense today and what doesn’t. And while we might never forget them, we can certainly agree that shoulder pads don’t belong anywhere near our wardrobes anymore. Moving on…

Mom Jeans

One of the most iconic fashion trends from the last 50 years – and one that we should be thankful to leave in the past! These high-waisted, baggy creations were a staple look of mothers everywhere throughout the ’80s and ’90s; but now it’s time for them to go back into retirement with other dated trends.

It’s easy to see why they were so popular at the time: they provided what was considered to be a comfortable look while still being fashionable. The problem is, comfort isn’t always synonymous with style – at least not by today’s standards! Mom jeans are often unflattering on any body type, making people who wore them appear even bigger than they actually are. Plus, let’s face it: no matter how much you try to spruce them up with accessories or fun colors, these pants just don’t have enough pizzazz anymore.

So as much as we may miss our moms’ old wardrobe choices (or perhaps not!), it’s probably best if we stuck with more modern styles like skinny jeans or maybe even flared ones instead! After all, fashion moves forward rather quickly – leaving some items behind along the way.

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans… What a trend – so ahead of its time that it has come back around to haunt us all. We can almost see them now: those broad bell-bottoms, just begging for an opportunity to show off their flamboyant style. Thankfully, we’ve been able to dodge this fashion bullet in recent years and are no longer subjected to such atrocities on our streets.

But what was the appeal? Why did people flock to these styles in droves? Was it because they were comfortable? Though I suppose if you look at them in one light, they do have a certain sophistication about them — but enough said there! If anything’s clear here, it’s that flared jeans don’t belong in today’s world; we must leave this relic from the past firmly where it belongs: safely tucked away in history books.

It seems like only yesterday that bootcut jeans were taking over the fashion world – let’s hope their reign doesn’t last as long as flared jeans’ did!

Bootcut Jeans

Flared jeans were a fashion trend from the last 50 years that should not make a comeback, and neither should bootcut jeans. Bootcut jeans are defined by their wider leg opening at the bottom than regular-fit jeans. The style was popularized in the 1990s as an alternative to traditional straight-leg styles and quickly gained traction among celebrities who embraced its comfortable fit and air of casual sophistication.

Whereas flared jeans had more of a bell-bottom look with tight legs near the waist transitioning into wide flare near the ankle, bootcut jeans have a gradual widening from top to bottom allowing for added freedom of movement while maintaining structure and shape. This made them particularly popular during outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or running errands around town.

Despite being functional pieces of clothing for certain occasions, both flared and bootcut jeans remain outdated trends that do not align with current fashion sensibilities. It’s best to leave these relics behind us entering modern times where streamlined silhouettes reign supreme.

Overly Matching Outfits

In the last 50 years, there have been a few fashion trends that should stay in the past. One of those is overly matching outfits. An outfit with too much coordination can look outdated and unattractive. It also takes away from individual style and self-expression.

The idea of having everything match perfectly was popular back in the 70’s and 80’s but it has since fallen out of favor. That kind of head to toe matching doesn’t allow for any creativity or personal flair when putting together an ensemble. Instead, opting for pieces that coordinate without being identical will give you more options while still looking put together.

Fashion moves quickly, so even some styles we consider modern today may not be trendy by next season. But one thing’s certain: no matter what changes occur, overly coordinated looks are unlikely to make a comeback anytime soon! Moving on then, miniskirts were another trend from this era that isn’t likely to return…


Miniskirts first rose to prominence in the 1960s and have been a staple of women’s fashion ever since. While they still remain part of modern wardrobes, there are certain varieties that should never make a comeback. The miniskirts from the last 50 years often featured loud prints or bold colors, making them extremely gaudy. Plus, many were paired with go-go boots for an even more eye-catching ensemble.

Unfortunately, these outfits could be considered quite sexist as well. Miniskirts put undue emphasis on women’s bodies rather than their talents or accomplishments. They can also lead people to view women as sex objects instead of individuals with complex personalities and goals. This type of thinking has no place in today’s society, so it is important to steer clear of any clothing trends that propagate such ideas.

This isn’t to say that all miniskirt styles should be avoided. In fact, when worn correctly they can be both fashionable and tasteful; however, those from the past few decades should best stay firmly in the past where they belong!


The last fifty years of women’s fashion trends have certainly had their ups and downs. From shoulder pads to miniskirts, it seems like we’ve tried every look imaginable – but some deserve to stay in the past! While these styles may have been popular at one point or another, they should never come back again. Let’s face it: do we really want to go back to wearing overly matching outfits that make us look like twins? Or trying to stuff our legs into bootcut jeans when all we want is a pair of skinnies? And don’t get me started on mom jeans…

No, no thank you. We can leave those behind as relics from a bygone era of bad fashion choices and move forward with something much more stylish. Thankfully, there are plenty of new trends out there now for women to explore – so let’s put away the shoulder pads and embrace them instead! After all, why settle for an outfit that looks outdated when you could be rocking something fresh and modern? So ladies (and gents!), say goodbye to these unfashionable faux pas once and for all – I think it’s safe to say that we won’t miss them!

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