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Super Foods Lowdown | Okay, Super foods….but WHY?!

In a world that’s moving so quickly we barely have time to tie our shoes, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and to lose track of your weight and your health. Women everywhere are trying weight loss pills and supplements in hopes of simply losing weight fast. The problem is, even though we’re running out of time and leading busy lives, we need to focus on integrating fitness into our lives, without inconveniencing ourselves. No diet pill is going to “make you healthier”, you’re going to hear us say this a thousand times! The solution? Super foods!

Intigrating Super Foods Into YOUR Life

There needs to be a seamless cross over between being healthy and being busy. I know, moms everywhere want to smack me for saying that; it’s true though, health is necessary and health is important.

So, this all brings us to the topic of super foods. Why are these magical health foods so important? Well, it’s simple. Super foods are essentially foods that can help us make up for some of the nutrient deficiencies we’re faced with. Super foods are single foods that pack a big punch! That’s why we love super foods.

In a culture where heart disease is the number one killer, and obesity is on the rise, we need as many simple solutions as we can get! Am I right, or am I right? 😉 Of course, I need to preface this by saying one of the simplest ways to lose weight and ward off disease is just eating clean! Going organic is an amazing way to help your body, cutting out the toxins that 2012 foods pour into our body is the number one way to improve your overall quality of life, but when that is not an option, we can turn to Super foods like these to help pick up the slack.

Super Foods that We Love!

1. A is for Anti-Oxidants, Absolutely Uh, Fun!

Toxin Killing Blueberries!
I’m sure you’ve heard the health benefits of blueberries before, but has that ever stopped us before? No way! Blueberries are doctors and scientists number one choice when it comes to eating a clean healthy diet!

Lots of Info, Alert! Blueberries contain flavonoids, you’re probably asking yourself, what are phytoflavonoids? Well, best outlined by, phyto-flavonoids or flavonoids are a type of molecule that have a lot of anti-oxidant activity.

In ENGLISH, They tend to be anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-everything you don’t want in your body! Blueberries and grapes are particularly known for these attributes, so I know you probably think “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but really, A handful of blueberries keeps the doctor away!

2. F is For Fiber, Filling and Free! (Almost)

Bangin Beans!
Not only are beans super filling and cheap (can we say, bonus?!) but they’re packed with Protein and Fiber. Protein is a MUST anytime you’re eating anything with any sugar; like bread, fruit, or those things that shall not be named (you candy countess, you!).  That’s not all, but adding more fiber to your diet has shown to help you keep your blood sugar levels and cholesterol at healthy levels, your doctor will want to kiss you!

Outstanding Oats!
Oats, yes Oats, like Oatmeal! Remember that fiber thing we told you? Yes, Oats are awesome for that. Oh! We have an idea, try blueberries and Oatmeal for an EXCELLENT SUPER-BREAKFAST! Oats are filling, and fiber-filled, meaning they help ward of diabetes!

 3.       T is for Terrific, Tantalizing, Tea!
Tea is a Super Food that lowers cholesterol, and helps in preventing cancer! Containing ECGC, Tea is a quick, easy, and tasty way to super-charge your super food intake. ECGC Stands for a really long and obnoxious chemical name, and pretty much is an anti-oxidant, like the blueberries mentioned earlier! 

SuperFood Books that We Love!


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