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Safe Exercise during Pregnancy


Safe Exercises During Pregnancy First Trimester through Third!

Shhh… I have a secret; chances are you have it too. We super moms HATE to admit it, we love to indulge it, and it just seems like we can never get enough of it, feeling tired while pregnant. Aw, come on! I thought it was funny 😉 The one thing the docs may forget to tell you is that safe exercise during pregnancy is the best way to alleviate the dreaded (and beloved) energy loss during pregnancy, but what can you do?

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We’ve compiled a list of save exercises for YOU to do during pregnancy that will not only help your energy level, but help you avoid weight gain during pregnancy in the best way possible. It’s important that you note that I am NOT a doctor. Please see your doctor if you’re unsure about starting a workout regimen.

3  Workouts that Are Safe for Pregnancy During Any Trimester

  • Yoga for Pregnancy  – 30 minutes to an hour of yoga three times a week is not only a great way to burn off calories and boost your energy, but it’s also a great way to relieve stress.  Don’t want to go sit in a class? Check out these great (also affordable) at home yoga workouts!


  • Low Impact Aerobic Workouts– Low impact low intensity workouts are a great way to stay fit during pregnancy. Of course, when in doubt as your doctor if you’re good to go, but once you get the OK, there’s no harm in some light dancing or aerobics to get the blood pumping and stay healthy during your pregnancy.You can check out DVD’s that meet our criteria for safe exercises during pregnancy here.(see the video at the bottom of this page!!)
  • Basic Lifestyle Activity – Simple everyday life things that will keep you active in the most natural and safe ways. Like what, you ask? Simple, taking the stairs and not the elevator (even though it’s harder!), parking further from the front of the store, and deep cleaning your house every other day is going to burn twice the calories as normal and what exercise could be more safe during pregnancy than everyday living?

Safe Workouts for Pregnancy – On Video!

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