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6 Things You Didn’t Know were Ruining Your Teeth [ Guest Expert! ]

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Bad habits—we all have them, but some are worse than others.Every girl on the planet knows what it’s like to have these bad habits….like nail biting and smoking, but did you know there are other habits that are just as bad? So we asked our expert contributor Dr. Perrone how to have good teeth and were shocked by some of the things on her list! Uh oh, Guilty as charged!

Keep Your Chompers Tip Top by Avoiding These 6 Mistakes!

– Teeth Grinding or Clenching

Grinding your teeth is by far the #1 offender since it wears down the biting edges of the teeth. This causes you to lose height on your teeth making you appear older. It can also allow the skin around our mouth to sag again aging us earlier than we would like! Can anyone else say, “EW”. Next time you’re stressed, do your forearms a favor and clench your fists instead!

– Chewing Ice

This is especially dangerous for your molars in the back of your mouth. Chewing on ice presents an advanced challenge to our teeth. The tremendous force is needed to break thru ice, and that can crack your teeth or damage any existing fillings.

Our molars have pointy edges called cusps and can shear off and break from chewing ice. The coldness of ice can cause the nerves connected to the teeth to get damaged as well. An alternative to crushing the ice with your teeth and let the ice cube melt in your mouth.

– Chewing on Lemons

So I KNOW what you’re going to say, “WHO chews on lemons?!” Well, while this may not be a popular habit, chewing or sucking on lemons can do MAJOR damange; the acid in the lemons (or other citrus fruit, for that matter) are bad for our teeth’s enamel.

You could end up with a condition called tooth enamel erosion. This occurs when the enamel wears away from the acid attack exposing the underlying layer (called dentin). You will end up with sensitive teeth and pain needing extensive dental work to repair and restore.

White wine

 Many people enjoy a glass of wine from time to time whether just relaxing at the end of a long day or with dinner. Most know that red wine can cause staining on teeth so many of us drink white wine. White wine can be just as damaging but in a different way.

White wine is extremely acidic and can cause permanent damage to your teeth through enamel erosion. A good tip is following drinking a glass of white wine rinse out your mouth with water to neutralize and cleanse the acids away.

– Diet pills

 Taking these may seem like a quick way to slim your waist line, diet pills can also be an easy way to develop gum disease and tooth decay. Most people do not realize but many over the counter medications, like diet pills, actually cause your body to decrease salivary flow.

When salivary flow decreases you increase your risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease. The best prescription for losing weight is a well balanced diet along with regular exercise. Not only will you lose weight but you will protect your smile.

– Sports drinks.

These types of drinks have become extremely popular among athletes as well as the general population. But they are hazardous to your teeth. Sports drinks are highly acidic just like soft drinks.

This means they can have the same effect as soft drinks in eroding away a tooth’s enamel. Also many of these drinks are high in sugar content which can lead to increased risk for tooth decay.

Habits can be very difficult to break but when it comes to how to have good teeth, break them we must.  The #1 habit to keep is to see your dentist regularly for dental examinations and professional cleanings to ward off problems before they become too extensive.

About Dr. Perrone – Our Guest Expert!

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Marielaina Perrone DDS Cosmetic Dentist
 Dr. Marielaina Perrone is a dental expert working out of her own office in Henderson, NV. You can find her blog here at; Having a good sime gives us girls a boost of self confidence, allowing us to smile more, feel more outgoing, and before you know it new opportunities suddenly start to come our way; that’s why Dr. Perrone blogs for women like us! You can read more posts by Dr. Perrone at her blog,

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