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Fluoride in Water


Fluoride in Water and Why We Should be Concerned

Frankly, this is a conversation we’ve needed to have for a while now. Most of us have known for some time that there’s fluoride in water, and that’s one of the biggest reasons things like water filters have become more important (does anyone else cling to their Brita like it’s going out of style, or is that just me?!). What most of us don’t know, is just how toxic this stuff is. In my article over at NaturalNews, I talked about the side effects of fluoride and why things like BRAIN DAMAGE mean that the dangers of fluoride are more than something for us to gossip about.

Did You Know, Fluoride in Water is Intentional?

It’s true. The government started adding Fluoride to the water years ago to prevent cavities. What’s worse about it is that the particular type that’s added to our drinking water supply is not the naturally found calcium fluoride, they add other synthetic kinds.  The popular ones are silcofluorides (a byproduct from the phosphate fertilizer industry) and sodium fluoride (a byproduct from the aluminum industry that’s also used in rat poison and insecticide).

I talked about the danger of Fluoride in the water over at, so what I want to focus on here is the fight against Fluoride, and what you can do to filter your water from the disgusting substance. I should also thank the folks over at for educating me on some of these methods.

Can Water Filters Prevent Exposure and Protect You from the Dangers of Fluoride?

The answer to this question, simply put, is yes. However, there’s only three types of Water filters that can prevent you from consuming the fluoride in your drinking water. Forgive me for my next fact that felt like zombie-text pouring out of my keyboard, but tough times call for tolerance, right? So, the three filtration methods that will protect you and your family most are reverse osmosis, activated alumina, and deionizers. See, that wasn’t so bad right? As mentioned on, not all water filters are created equally, so do your research.

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