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7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Any Weight


Lets be real, most of us are carrying around extra weight that we desperately want to lose, but are hitting a wall when it comes to losing it. whether its poor metabolism, baby weight, bad eating habits, not having the means to get your butt in gear, etc. I myself have been struggling with losing baby weight. Its miserable to look in the mirror and work so hard and not lose a pound. I’m here today to give you some tips that may help you lose that weight, or explain why you’re not losing it.


  1. You don’t practice food control

Now we are all guilty of this one a time or two. Taking that extra scoop of those buttery mashed potatoes, having 6 pieces of bacon instead of just one or two, eating half a bag of chips instead of just a handful. Practicing portion control is huge when trying to lose weight. Not only does it help you realize how much you’re eating, and also how to let your body know when you full and it’s time to stop eating. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE.


  1. Your skipping breakfast

I myself truly struggle with this one. I have never been a huge breakfast eater, but I’ve been quickly learning that eating a healthy, balanced, portioned breakfast in the morning is beneficial to weight loss. Eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism after essentially fasting overnight. A metabolism boosting breakfast with protein and fiber is going to be a huge help with weight loss in the long run.


  1. Your forgetting to eat your veggies

This is the oldest one in the book. We’ve been told since day one to always make sure we eat our veggies. Not only do fruits and veggies carry good calories our body needs, but they help us stay fuller longer. You’d be shocked how many veggies you can eat that hold the same amount of calories a handful of potato chips carry. You need 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies a day, so get to eating those veggies!


  1. You’re not eating enough

You may think that eating less may help you lose weight easier, but starving yourself isn’t the answer. Your body needs those key vitamins and nutrients to not only promote weight loss, but boost your metabolism. When in fact, you starving yourself is destroying your metabolism and hurting you in the long run. A lot of times starving yourself throughout the day creates binge eating at dinner time, which is never a good thing. So just remember, Don’t skip out on food! Just keep it HEALTHY and BALANCED!


  1. Your addicted to condiments and/or toppings

I’m really guilty of this one. I love dips. It’s one of my downfalls, as I’m sure it is for a lot of people. Say you’re eating a salad, you can easily turn that healthy salad into an overload of calories. croutons for example. Did you know in just 10 croutons there can be 100+ calories? Or that dressing your eating. Ranch dressing carries so many fat calories. Now, there’s nothing wrong with adding some extras to keep it delicious as well as healthy, just pay attention to what and how much your adding and you’ll be golden.


  1. Your eating without thinking

I’m also so guilty of this. Watching TV and just eating and eating and not thinking twice about it. Eating when I’m bored or procrastinating. A lot of times you don’t even realize how much you’re eating until your half a bag of chips or a bag of popcorn deep. Try eating healthier snacks, or designate specific times for meals and snacks without being distracted. train your brain to not eat just because you can.


  1. Your refueling post-workout wrong

After working out I’m usually starving. EVERYTIME. But after a workout you shouldn’t consume more than a 150 calorie SNACK. That’s essentially what a post workout refuel is, is  a snack. Not a huge meal. And it should be something healthy that helps your body refuel in a healthy way, NOT JUNK FOOD.


Now, there’s a million other ways out there to lose weight. These are just a few I find helpful, and are common mistakes a lot of people make. So keep at it! You’ll get there. Don’t get discouraged and follow these tips!

Amanda @HealthyHer

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