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3 Bandits Sabotaging Your PCOS Weight Loss Success


Why is It So Hard to Find PCOS Weight Loss Success? (Hint, It’s Not About Your Ovaries) To fix a problem, you gotta look at it. Imagine trying to fix a flat tire without facing the car. That’s why as you read on, you’ll find out the three biggest challenges when it comes to losing weight with PCOS, what matters when deciding what to do with your nutrition, and how even fitness baby steps act as a major SUCKERPUNCH to this disorder.


1) Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Insulin resistance basically means that our bodies cannot properly absorb the insulin that it dumps into itself anytime there is a blood sugar spike.

If you’re not side eyeing your endocrine (hormone) system yet, just wait. Insulin resistance is what is said to be the culprit behind a whole medicine cabinet worth of negative PCOS symptoms.

Things like weight gain, energy loss, and increased testosterone have all been linked to the insulin resistance monster under the Polycystic Bridge.

What is Insulin Resistance, and How Does it Work?

Checkout my video a little further down the page to learn more about insulin resistance, and how it works. There’s subtitles if you’re like me and you read this stuff at work under your desk, mute is our friend.

2) on to our BIG-BAD-WOLF PROBLEMS. #huffingandpuffing

By that, I’m referring to breathing and heart issues.

This one actually surprised me. I mean, I don’t feel like I’m constantly gasping for air (unless I’m working out- #HelloCrossfit). What I didn’t know was that sleep apnea is SUPER common in the #Cyster community.

What is Sleep Apnea?

This nasty little sleep disorder basically causes you to stop breathing throughout the night for short spurts of time, which interrupts your sleep, making you a sleepy groggy monster.

This disorder’s level of suck is two-fold. I can genuinely say, the struggle is real.

One, there’s the whole “I stopped breathing in my sleep” part.
Two, the result of the breathing lapses is a VERY, VERY exhausted you. And (shocker!) no one wants to work out when they’re drop dead tired….at least I don’t, even if it is crucial to feeling energetic.

3) The 3 M’s, and how they’re robbing you of your weight loss dreams.

Because I know you came here to hear me go all TMI on you with my period problems….or maybe because I know you have them too, I can’t end our PCOS weight loss conversation without shining a light on the three M’s.

– Moods
– Menstruation
– Motivation

PCOS is (for the most part) a hormone problem, and girlllll, where there’s hormone problems, there’s mood swings. In case you were wondering why the sound of them even breathing makes you want to hide in your room and read up on learning to live in the mountains, this is probably why.

There’s only one thing worse than working out with the energy of a burnt piece of toast and that’s working out with the energy of a burnt piece of toast with the rage of a (way-too-hot-totally-shouldn’t-have-eaten-that) habanero pepper. Or if you’re like me, any spice, at all. Don’t judge me.

3 Tips to Fighting Back

Now that we understand who the enemy is here, how do we squash it?

The Best Ways to Fight PCOS: The Short List

  • Improve your cardio health through aerobic fitness and say buh-bye to those calories.
  • Strength train your way to a testosterone-free-zone body by doing at least a little weight training.
  • Fight off insulin overload by trying a Low Glycemic diet.

If you’re ready to move on to the Best PCOS Treatment Options, checkout my post by doing a little click on this bad boy: “Treatment for PCOS Made Easy.”

What Can We Do Together?

In case you haven’t heard, the only real “cure” doctors can come up with for this condition is weight loss; which, frustrates me to no end because I know some of my skinny #cysters are struggling with the disorder too.
I’d love if you could do me a favor. I have this really, really lame habit of being oblivious about some things and effortlessly educated at others.
If this post helped you, leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
If you hated it, tell me what I missed! #BeMyFriend #TotallySerious
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Talk to you soon <3

Amanda @HealthyHer

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